ASBESTOSAFE® Revolutionary Solution for Asbestos Roofs

The concept of asbestos roofing was introduced into the U.K. in the early 20th Century as a new roofing system to replace the more expensive traditional materials such as lead. Now with our realisation of the dangers associated with Asbestos a cement fibre alternative sheeting has been developed HOWEVER the modern day sheets can be prone to splitting and failure – so we at Ellis Roofing are pleased to offer our new ASBESTOSAFE® roofing system which overcomes those problems.

Ellis Roofing have gained a good working knowledge of containing the potential hazards associated with asbestos based roofing. With well developed safety procedures and a scientific understanding of the possible dangers their deployment of appropriately qualified personnel and the right equipment ensures a safe and efficient conclusion to the job. Untouched this type of Asbestos does not present a health hazard as its Asbestos content on average is only 5%. It only becomes an issue once disturbed in a sealed environment by the action of rigorous sawing, drilling, breaking or suchlike.

ASBESTOSAFE® is a system for encapsulating existing asbestos profiled roofing sheets and weathering with high performance membranes to provide a 10 or 15 year guaranteed roof. Most profiles can be overlaid and the standard profiles six and three are readily available, all other profiles are subject to a site survey. The average top side thickness of Asbestosafe® is 35mm which provides stability and strength without the need for any costly reinforcement. Full risk assessments etc are available. Once Asbestosafe® has been applied the top surface will then become completely encased and rendered safe. The surface below can then be either painted with a suitable masonry paint or even a traditional ceiling can be erected (by others). These works are not necessary – providing the sheets remain untouched and are simply an option.


  • NO expensive asbestos REMOVAL required.
  • Environmentally friendly. Re-use :- no landfill abuse
  • No need to empty that garage or room – MINIMAL DISTURBANCE.
  • Reduced overall costs – up to 30% CHEAPER to refurbish than renew.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE and DURABLE – stopping further deterioration of the asbestos profile.
  • Any interior damage, flaking etc, made dormant with resin formula.
  • New felt covering comes with either 10, 15 or 20 year GUARANTEE plus a 10 year no quibble insurance backed guarantee with the latter two.
  • Installation is FAST and SAFE using the latest heat applied membranes.
  • The old weak roof is converted into STRONG, safe walking surface and less vulnerable to vandalism.
  • Provides insulation value that will ELIMINATE CONDENSATION problems.
  • The improved insulation makes the space ‘CONVERSION READY’.
  • ASBESTOSAFE® is self extinguishable FIRE RATED.

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